Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grand Canyon is Grand

The Grand Canyon is extremely large, 18 miles wide and one mile deep in some parts.  Yet, as I looked at it this week it seemed so small

- compared to my God -

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Disappearing as I Appear Everywhere!

I have worked hard on our website, blogs, and movies - but sometimes I need a break.

Sometimes I want to hide out and disappear.

So, where have I been?

Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas!

What a wild four days.  From glorious Zion National Park, Lee's Ferry, Grand Canyon National Park, the mountains near Flagstaff with the stunning aspens and ponderosa pines, the vast deserts of northern Arizona, New Mexico formations and mountains, as well as the dust storms of the panhandle of Texas.

The Painted Desert National Park was small compared to the formations we climbed in Virgin.

Are we getting spoiled?

My emotions have been up and down since we left, just as our views have changed dramatically.

My last four days:

Petrified National Forest

Painted Desert National Park, Arizona

Petrified Forest National Park

Our ride in the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Lee's Ferry, Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park

Marble Canyon

River on Kolob Terrace Road in Virgin, Utah

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Blue, white, brown, and green - the variety of sights reflect my heart.
There are certain things in life that make me overflow with emotion.  The last seven weeks have been amazing.  I don't even know what I can say to express the awesome and unique experiences I have had.  From excitement to joy to perseverance to exhaustion, I have felt the range of emotions and adventures over the last months.  I leave Utah with such love, joy, and fond memories.  I do not want to go yet, I know we must leave to arrive at the next place.

Tonight, my husband and I sat in the hot tub for way too long.  We met the nicest man there.  It is strange sometimes where we meet people but really, the people of this country make it who it is.  I am so thankful for who we have met the last year.  I love traveling for this reason, as well as others.

A lady camped near us gave us so many beautiful clothes and so many other items I cannot even list them all.  The thankfulness in my heart just boils over.  God is so good.

I feel like I am moving on to the next place so full of so much.  There is some things in me that need to be dealt with while there are other things inside that are so happy that I don't know if I can contain it.

There is something on my horizon, something good coming....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Roller Coaster of a Day

Some days just seem so hard while others bring joy unspeakable.  Today was a day that brought a wide range of emotions.  

We tried to do hike at Zion National Park, but the kids seemed determined to fuss and cry their way through the beautiful canyon.

I found out we have to leave Utah much earlier than planned which is sad, but my son got the job he wanted with the National Forest which is great!

We are going back to a campground we love but we are leaving a place that I have grown to love.

My husband and I had a blast climbing the red rock at the Red Bull Mountain Bike track for exercise so I feel exhausted yet invigorated.

I cried once over leaving and got dizzy once after climbing to the top of a huge cliff.

Me sitting at the top of one of the mesas we climb to get
in shape.

Through all the ups and downs, there is a steadiness inside.  There is something that has to keep us together so we are not on a roller coaster of emotions that is difficult to stay on.  Sometimes we bring others on board our emotional roller coaster and they get nauseous from all the ups and downs, turns and flips.

I seek that steadiness.  I desire that smooth road while everything else around me is going crazy.

Jesus is that rock.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Exposed by Kids

For Show.

That is the plight of a mom.  With a seemingly endless supply of children, it has been years since I have been able to wear skirts without fear of exposure.  For twenty years I have had little ones running around yanking on my skirts, flipping them up, or turning them into knots to expose my tooshy.  Thankfully I have underwear on, but still!  It can get quite embarrassing when I am talking with someone and a young child comes up behind me and pulls my skirt up.

Maybe it is the shirt.  My little ones seem to think that pulling the neck line of my shirt is fine even if it shows way too much!  

I am finally beginning to wear jewelry again.  Necklaces, earring, and large rings have been almost non-existent.  With sweet little hands always grabbing at anything shiny, I had to put them away.  Now, I am starting to adorn myself, minimally, and enjoying it.

I've never felt I needed jewelry.  I tell my girls that my beauty comes from my smile, my love, and my caring nature.  I don't need makeup, fancy clothes, or jewelry to be beautiful.  My beauty comes from within.

But, now that my little ones are getting older, I am enjoying the small accessories that will bring a little sparkle to my shine.
Weeping Rock, Zion National Park, Utah
sparkles just like a woman who shines from within

Love Story - he drives me crazy

Love that goes so deep cannot be destroyed.

That does not mean, however, that he doesn't drive me crazy sometimes!

Our love would be dull without some spice.  He loved me for many reasons and one was my sassiness.

I loved him for many reasons, one being his sense of humor.

He said in our vows, "I will always try to make you laugh."

He has kept that promise and so much more.  

There have been hard times and struggles in our marriage, but I am thankful we have held on tight.

We take a leap of faith every day.  Sometimes we land on our feet and other times we land on our butts.

So, we get back up and keep on loving each other, day after day.

Love as solid as this rock.

Angel's Landing, Zion National Park, Utah

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Life is Good Climbing the Red Rock in Utah

When life is good, life is good.

I finally feel great after health issues for about six months.  My husband and I spent a day in the red rock near Zion National Park, at the Red Bull Mountain Biking Track.

We hiked and exercised together in the beautiful terrain.  It felt great to get out and workout hard.  My thighs burned.

I climbed in the campground hot tub with my daughter to sooth those sore muscles, then went to a wine tasting party at the lodge.

What an awesome life.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Sevier River in Marysvale, Utah

Reflections can be beautiful. What is up above in shown in almost perfect detail in the subject below. Although there might be some distortion, the beauty is not lost.  

Whether the landscape be mountains, trees, flowers, or light - the image of what is above can be seen with some clarity to those looking upon it. 

 If one were to only look at the mirror image they should be able to see what is causing it, the true source of what they are seeing before them.

Middle Emerald Pool on the Emerald Pools hike in Zion National Park, Utah
What do you reflect?

Those who have ears let them hear.