Exposed by Kids

For Show.

That is the plight of a mom.  With a seemingly endless supply of children, it has been years since I have been able to wear skirts without fear of exposure.  For twenty years I have had little ones running around yanking on my skirts, flipping them up, or turning them into knots to expose my tooshy.  Thankfully I have underwear on, but still!  It can get quite embarrassing when I am talking with someone and a young child comes up behind me and pulls my skirt up.

Maybe it is the shirt.  My little ones seem to think that pulling the neck line of my shirt is fine even if it shows way too much!  

I am finally beginning to wear jewelry again.  Necklaces, earring, and large rings have been almost non-existent.  With sweet little hands always grabbing at anything shiny, I had to put them away.  Now, I am starting to adorn myself, minimally, and enjoying it.

I've never felt I needed jewelry.  I tell my girls that my beauty comes from my smile, my love, and my caring nature.  I don't need makeup, fancy clothes, or jewelry to be beautiful.  My beauty comes from within.

But, now that my little ones are getting older, I am enjoying the small accessories that will bring a little sparkle to my shine.
Weeping Rock, Zion National Park, Utah
sparkles just like a woman who shines from within