Friday, April 20, 2012

Presidential Primary and Candidate - Random Thoughts

What a Republican Primary. I have a feeling there were some decent, honest people running with the right motives, but we may never know for sure who they were! Mr. Romney could be one of them, Santorum, Bachman, and others - but with the negative ads, bad press, personal attacks, and constant lies and accusations - it may remain a mystery.
I do agree that each candidate should have enough sense to understand that running for president will bring ridiculous scrutiny to their life. That is one reason I could never really be president - I don't want all of you to know my secrets!!! But, for those that really do want to be president, honesty from the start would be best.  If you have had an affair, cheated on taxes, hired an illegal, bribed an official, etc., this might not be the race to run in.  I have to say, it is sad that our mistakes of 15-20 years ago can come back to bite us in the booty.  The mistakes of my past are forgiven by God and by my loved ones that I hurt.  Yet, I know that everyone of them would be fair game if I ever seriously ran for President.  For example, eating dog or strapping one to the top of your car!  But, sometimes those mistakes of the past are not mourned – instead they are hidden and there is no repentance.  Those same mistakes show a person’s consistent bad choices and bad character.
The moral of my story - No surprises!
Next, why can't the candidates be rich? Why is that a bad thing? Maybe if they win they should consider donating their pay to help us get out of debt!
Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate and I can only hope he is a good man that will truly try to make our country better from the inside out if he wins. It will take someone with vision and character, someone who can reach into the souls of the people and inspire them to do better, be better, and try to make a difference in their homes, their communities, and their country.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Debt Crisis - Random Thoughts

I don't think anyone actually cares what I think about the debt crisis. Yet, since I am running for President, I must put my two cents in.

I don't see how we have a choice but to increase the debt ceiling. We must not default on our obligations. Yet, the over spending has to stop.

During World War II, the average citizen did their best to help the war effort. Each family sacrificed daily to keep our country from losing a war.

Now, we are at war again, not just in Afghanistan, the Taliban, or any other "an"; but with ourselves and our desire to have more and sacrifice less.

Oh how I wish I could do some of the things families did during World War II. Yet, I feel helpless in a sense. What can I do?

It starts with me. I need to spend less on unnecessary items. I spend too much. 

Each community needs to evaluate its spending and how it might control spending without cutting important programs such as police, ambulance, fire, education, etc.

All politicians need to take a pay cut. Everyone must cut back. 

And, should the wealthy pay more in taxes like Warren Buffett suggests?  Or will that bill hurt big business?

Our money sent overseas needs to be re-evaluated and prioritized. Some should be cut and others expanded.

I need to support our Congressmen and women in prayer as they attempt to make deals that need to be based on what is best for our country and not anyone's political career.
(This post was first published on line on 7/26/11 and updated 4/19/12)