Thursday, March 14, 2013

Roller Coaster of a Day

Some days just seem so hard while others bring joy unspeakable.  Today was a day that brought a wide range of emotions.  

We tried to do hike at Zion National Park, but the kids seemed determined to fuss and cry their way through the beautiful canyon.

I found out we have to leave Utah much earlier than planned which is sad, but my son got the job he wanted with the National Forest which is great!

We are going back to a campground we love but we are leaving a place that I have grown to love.

My husband and I had a blast climbing the red rock at the Red Bull Mountain Bike track for exercise so I feel exhausted yet invigorated.

I cried once over leaving and got dizzy once after climbing to the top of a huge cliff.

Me sitting at the top of one of the mesas we climb to get
in shape.

Through all the ups and downs, there is a steadiness inside.  There is something that has to keep us together so we are not on a roller coaster of emotions that is difficult to stay on.  Sometimes we bring others on board our emotional roller coaster and they get nauseous from all the ups and downs, turns and flips.

I seek that steadiness.  I desire that smooth road while everything else around me is going crazy.

Jesus is that rock.

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