Saturday, January 4, 2014

Inspiration in the Ordinary

Some days I'm not sure what to write. I sit here with my laptop on my lap and I don't feel inspired.

Just a normal sunset, nothing spectacular.
An average day, an average life.

That is what makes it so extraordinary.

With so much sickness, poverty, loss, and destruction, how can I not be thankful for an ordinary day.

A day with such little inspiration that I should be thankful for the lack of excitement and drama.

Today was full of love, hard work, new opportunities, and bad weather.  

Life may seem boring after hiking mountains, kayaking rivers, off-roading in gorgeous forests and deserts.  I have lived a life that many dream of.  Yet, there is something to be said about an average day - a day of hanging out at home or just running to town.  

Thankfulness for the average moment, average day, average life.

Friday, January 3, 2014

My Husband Put on 12 Pounds Over the Holidays and I still Love Him

I didn't gain any weight over the holidays! Even with all the cooking, cookies, desserts, and ham - I kept my weight and actually lost a few!
My husband wasn't the only one to enjoy the holiday desserts!

Last year at this time I was about 10 lbs lighter so my New Year is starting with a commitment to lose that 10 lbs and maybe even more.

Health is the main reason I want to lose the weight.  After having six kids I'm just not sure how flat my belly can get and after hiking in the mountain sun all last winter I am not sure how many wrinkles will go away.

So, I lose weight for my health because I have learned that no matter how much weigh I still won't look like I did at 18 years old.  And no matter how in shape I get, I will continue to have more and more wrinkles on my face and loose skin on my worn out belly.

Even if I lose weight or gain it, wrinkles or no wrinkles, lung damage or clear breathing -

My Husband Will Love Me

He does want me to live a long time so he exercises with me and encourages me to eat right.  But, it is not mainly because he wants me thin, it is mostly because he wants me around.

He never made me feel fat when I had my pregnancy weight on.  Shae's love shone through and still does as he helps me live healthy.