Monday, September 22, 2014

Joy in the World

Can there be true joy in this world?  Should it just be "Joy to the world" like the song says?  

It is my opinion that God has joy in this world.  He created it to praise Him and glorify Him.  While there will be pain, suffering, and sadness - the joy of the Lord is our strength to get us through it.

Joy in the world?
Joy to the world?
Joy of the Lord.

The source is the Lord and it will be found where ever we are.  Joy comes from deep within, knowing that we have a loving, forgiving God on our side.

While joy isn't always around us on the outside, it can always be found on the inside - where the Lord resides.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hard Times are Stepping Stones That Bring Us Up or Down

"God didn't make me for an easy life."  

I have said that many times. My life, as well as many others, has not been an easy one.  From an infant, I endured hard times. 

My mother was always a light and a strength and my father, too. They balanced eachother so well even though they were so different.

My childhood was one of constant wood cutting and stacking, gardening, and work.  Whether I was trapping beaver and skinning them with my dad or canning and cooking with mom, we worked.


That was how my mom and dad grew up also. Brick laying and a grocery store kept them busy on their free time.  

In our family, free time was spent working to make money or put food on the table.

God knew what He was doing. He knew that I was going to need to be strong to handle the life that was going to be in my future.

Can we see that? 

Can we recognize the hard times in the present may be just a preparation for the future?

I'm thankful for my childhood.  God knew what was coming.  He knew I had to be prepared.

When I was young, and raped by that awful man, the strength I had got me through it.
While my husband was so ill all those years, a weaker woman would have left him.
While my husband was out to sea on the Navy ship and cute, kind men stopped by to help me, a weaker woman would have had an affair.
When my husband was laying in bed, overdosed on his meds, and I was 1 week overdue with our 4th child, my father had just died and I needed my husband to be strong for me, a weaker woman would have loved him less.
While we sorted and packed and sold our home to move into a 42' camper, a weaker woman would have said, "forget it".
Having six children is by no means easy, but I am thankful I can handle it because I can't imagine life without every single one of them.

God knew the life that was ahead of me.  I've had a hard life, but an amazing one.  Instead of focusing on the hard things - I take them and make them into stepping stones that will bring me to the next level and the next blessing.  God has blessed me so much that I cannot contain my joy. Yes, life is hard sometimes, but God has always helped me through it and with Him - I am an overcomer.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I Sure am a Screw Up Sometimes!

It seems there are areas of my life I just can't overcome!  I wake up in the morning just shaking my own finger in my face.  

I have a very sensitive heart.  When a person has been forgiven of much we tend to be more sensitive to sin.  

I screw up all the time - daily!  Then, it is even worse when it effects other people!  

Overcomer of sin - with God's help I can overcome and do better.  I have been fasting for three days to pray about a situation.

Now I think I need to fast my mouth and texts for three days!  

And I will.

Only say and text what I need to.
Only say and text encouragement.
Only say and text what I run by the Lord first.
Sometimes I should go be alone on a mountain so no one will hear my big mouth!