Debt Crisis - Random Thoughts

I don't think anyone actually cares what I think about the debt crisis. Yet, since I am running for President, I must put my two cents in.

I don't see how we have a choice but to increase the debt ceiling. We must not default on our obligations. Yet, the over spending has to stop.

During World War II, the average citizen did their best to help the war effort. Each family sacrificed daily to keep our country from losing a war.

Now, we are at war again, not just in Afghanistan, the Taliban, or any other "an"; but with ourselves and our desire to have more and sacrifice less.

Oh how I wish I could do some of the things families did during World War II. Yet, I feel helpless in a sense. What can I do?

It starts with me. I need to spend less on unnecessary items. I spend too much. 

Each community needs to evaluate its spending and how it might control spending without cutting important programs such as police, ambulance, fire, education, etc.

All politicians need to take a pay cut. Everyone must cut back. 

And, should the wealthy pay more in taxes like Warren Buffett suggests?  Or will that bill hurt big business?

Our money sent overseas needs to be re-evaluated and prioritized. Some should be cut and others expanded.

I need to support our Congressmen and women in prayer as they attempt to make deals that need to be based on what is best for our country and not anyone's political career.
(This post was first published on line on 7/26/11 and updated 4/19/12)