I Sure am a Screw Up Sometimes!

It seems there are areas of my life I just can't overcome!  I wake up in the morning just shaking my own finger in my face.  

I have a very sensitive heart.  When a person has been forgiven of much we tend to be more sensitive to sin.  

I screw up all the time - daily!  Then, it is even worse when it effects other people!  

Overcomer of sin - with God's help I can overcome and do better.  I have been fasting for three days to pray about a situation.

Now I think I need to fast my mouth and texts for three days!  

And I will.

Only say and text what I need to.
Only say and text encouragement.
Only say and text what I run by the Lord first.
Sometimes I should go be alone on a mountain so no one will hear my big mouth!