Brain Tumor Vulnerability


I haven't logged my experiences with a brain tumor or brain surgery very much. This morning I thought I'd write a few words and see if it's something I'm ready to share with everyone.

It's not that I want my experience to stay private, it's more because some people get sick of hearing about it or I've been accused of using it for my own advantage and to manipulate people. 

Having brain surgery is not a little thing so sharing anything can make a person very vulnerable.

So, let's give it a try...

Feb 17, 2023

Today my head hurts. I think there might be another small ravine forming just below and behind my temple area. I've noticed that "full pressure" feeling around my scalp, almost like there's a donut around my head putting pressure on it. We'll see how my head continues to change shape; such an odd feeling.

My surgery was on my left side, stretching from my forehead to well behind my ear. The hills, valleys, and hard bumps make for an interesting feeling. Sometimes I notice new geology on my skull, not earthquake induced. Something I will ask my neurosurgeon about at my next MRI.

Today I began to wonder if the fight I'm putting forth for full recovery is actually making it worse. I keep thinking I'll be able to do certain things, like running a non-profit I started. But, I wonder at what point I should pivot in my life and make changes. It's not that I'm giving up it's more that I am taking the brain tumor and surgery and making the best out of the situation. 

Selah....think on it....