Tuesday, March 22, 2022

A Day Can Be Just That...A Day

Today is an odd day. I'm tired. I need rest. I recognize that as my thoughts, emotions, and body say one thing my heart and desire says another. This is how I felt this morning:

I don’t know how to live life. I sit here at my desk at a loss. What do I do? How do I live? What do I say? What do I do first, second, last?

When I’ve been told so often that who I am and what I do is wrong, by so many people, I have to say there must be some truth in it. Pride would tell me that they are wrong, and I’m being persecuted. Condemnation would tell me that I am wrong in every aspect of life and a failure in the things I held dear.

I’m not sure what to do right now so, I’m going to open the bible and see what God says, what His plan is.

REST REST REST - my body, my mind, my emotions...

 I'm not sure if it is from the brain tumor and brain surgery or if it is the consequences of relationship difficulties and the weight of so many serious events in life - 

But I do know that it isn't a bad place, it's just a place.

A place in time.

A place in my life.

Sometimes our days just seem a little off. I can't put my finger on why or what, but sometimes I don't try to figure it out and instead realize that it is just a day and for me to not get too down, but to also not feel guilty if I don't feel too up.

 There will be days like this. It doesn't mean I've lost a battle or am weak, it just means that today is just a day and that I'm thankful to breathe, be alive, and I need to rest.

I write this post to help others. So they know that there are days that may not be the mountain top and they may not be a dark pit, but they are a valley to walk slowly through. And that it's OK.

By Sheri Smith - a woman living each day as each day is lived

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