Saturday, January 29, 2022

Life is a Constant Journey

Life is a Constant Journey

I've been seeking a place of rest, balance, and peace after the brain surgery I had in January 2021.  I know I am at the brink of reaching the place I seek. Through prayer, reading the bible, watching sermons and teachings - I am feeling freer and more at peace than ever before in my life. I am so close.

And then....

Just as I think I'm about to reach my destination, I find out my mom has lung cancer. She doesn't know yet. I read the radiology report before her. She is waiting to read it, until later today.

How can a destination on a map seem to continually move? Can a city, such as Springfield, Missouri change locations as I get closer in my car?

Does an airplane flying to Fairbanks, Alaska have to update the coordinates over and over as the destination seems to move further and further away?

No, the physical destination does not move, those who travel there will arrive.

Peace is not a physical destination, one to be arrived at and never left.
Rest is not a physical destination, one to be arrived at and never left.
Balance is not a physical destination, one to be arrived at and never left.

Peace, rest, balance, and all the spiritual goals are not something we try to arrive at, they are what we take with us on all of our travels. The conditions of the soul are not dependent on our circumstances but instead a result of our time with God. 

You see, just as we think we have arrived at our spiritual destination, the world puts on the next loop of the roller coaster and instead of the gentle ride through the country, we roar through the air in circles.

I'm still healing from surgery and having a brain tumor. I'm doing all I can to obey the doctor's orders of minimizing stress, getting enough sleep, among other things, to minimize my chance of more seizures. 

The level of peace, rest, and balance I've attained through my time with God in His Word, His Presence, and listening to His anointed teachers and preachers, isn't going to disappear but instead, God will be with me, go with me, live inside of me, so I do not have to do life in a constant state of turmoil but a constant journey through life.

Do I still have challenging days? 
Of course. 
Do I continue to seek God's peace, rest, and balance for my daily life? 
Of course.

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