Saturday, January 5, 2019

First Woman on the Moon

While looking for a woman to highlight on “Women in the News”, I asked myself the question -

Who was the first woman on the moon?

To answer that question, I went to the faithful Google search tab on my computer and looked it up. 

No woman has visited the moon.  During that time in NASA history, there were no women in the US astronaut corps.

I don’t find this offensive in anyway as it was a different day and age. The lack of women in the astronaut corps does not tarnish or diminish the incredible missions that changed the world.

Women may not have been on the moon, but women were always behind the scenes as a critical foundation for those who go beyond.

We find in history that women were not always afforded the same opportunities as their male counterparts, but I know that women were not irrelevant in these same opportunities. It is like the movie Jaws. The enormous man-eating shark was the main character in the movie yet what would the movie have been without the people to stalk, scare, and eventually eat?

Supporting roles in the movies and in life are critical to the end masterpiece. While some are the leading characters, the story would be non-existent without the entire cast.

Info from NASA Website

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