Friday, February 6, 2015

Soar like Eagles

I want to be like the eagle - soaring above the  storm. 
While the ocean may be churning -
While the lightning may be striking - 
While the flood waters are rising -

I am above, seeing the turmoil, feeling the energy and electricity, not emotionless or immune to the activity around me -

But instead of diving down into the pain I am able to soar above and be an encouragement to those around me.  

My actions will cause them to look up at me and in the process look past me to see the heavens opening and the Lord reaching down to help them.

Don't look to me to save you - 
I can't.

Don't look to me to make the change - 
Only God in you can.

Don't look to others to fix the problem -
Only God in you can.

But look up, look in, and then look around and see others who need help and you become the one to rise above and draw people's attention away from the pain, suffering, and tragedy and look towards the Lord and Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Vultures swarm above just looking for something to devour. Lord forgive us for when we have been like the vulture, destroying those around us. Lord help us to be like the eagle and be a light and source of strength as we point to You as the source of all things good.

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