Friday, December 19, 2014

The Gift of Womanhood

A woman in a man's world.  

The story of my life.

Hunting with dad and the men.

Skinning beaver.

Fishing eight hours a day.

Living at our bar.

Drinking more then most men.

Joined the military to go to war.

Hung out with the Navy Seals.

Now, years later, I am a sports agent in a world of men.

Bull Riders, Surfers, Bands, and Talk Shows.

I'm so thankful for my mother and father who took the time
to teach me to be tough. 

I always say, "God didn't make me for an easy life. He made me for hard things"

I'm so thankful for my mother and father who took the time 
to teach me to be a lady.

While life can be hard and times tough, I can still act and respond with
a heart of love and a smile.

Skinning a beaver in the morning and holding a child that night.
Selling a bull in the evening and teaching ballet to my daughter in the day.

While some times we have to be so strong and tough, we do not need to lose our core being - a woman.

Womanhood is a gift. 

We must keep it and not give it to the world.
We must keep it to share it with the world.

Sheri Smith in Hawaii filming Surfer Cowboy Documentary
Photo by Faith Fay

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