Boldness with Age - right or wrong

Sometimes my young children say what ever comes to their mind. They don't think first, they just blurt it out with no thought to the consequence of their words.

We hope that over time we learn to control those words and even change our hearts so those thoughts aren't even in our mind.  

But, it seems that sometimes as people get older, they revert back to what my Irish family calls the "No Filter" stage.  We just start blurting things out because we:
  • are tired
  • are angry
  • feel we can speak our mind because they should respect us 
  • think that we are so much wiser because of the life we have lived
  • and more reasons
I'm 41 yrs old now and I feel a boldness and confidence that was much harder to come by at a younger age.  There is a sense of experience and wisdom that controls my actions and thoughts instead of unknowing or insecurity.  

But, my confidence can be misunderstood as pride, arrogance, "no filter".  

So with age comes:
  • More love
  • More compassion
  • More patience
  • More humbleness
  • More mercy
  • More grace
  • More kindness
  • More goodness
  • More faithfulness
  • More self control
We cannot use our age, whether young or old, to be an excuse for bad behavior. Although I understand that the young have a lot to learn and we should be understanding to their growing and maturing, we still cannot excuse sin.   We just change how it is dealt with.  

As we get older our character should be even more exemplary.  Our light should shine brighter, not dimmer.  We should not use our life experiences to make others feel dumb or immature.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength.  

1 Corinthians 13 is an amazing chapter in the bible. It says we do so many great and sacrificial things but without love it means nothing.  Try reading it everyday for a month and do that one month a year.  It will transform your life and those around you.

No greater love has man than this - to lay down his life for his brother.
Can we even lay down our mouth, attitude, and our right to be upset for others?

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