What About Me?

I've been so busy lately. Between my travel, writing, kids, being a wife, and sports agent -
 I seem to have forgotten about me!

It is easy to do. 

I forget me all the time.  

Sometimes that can be good - 

Focus on others
Bless others
Serve others

All really great things.

But What About Me?

Lately I forget -

To eat
To exercise
To take my vitamins
To get enough sleep
To read my bible
To pray more

While focusing on others is important we cannot forget about ourselves.  There is a balance in serving others.  People can demand our attention and time and other times we put expectations on ourselves that aren't realistic.  Right now I am afraid of letting my clients down, so I get up at 4 or 5 AM and start work and forget myself throughout the day.  It is time for me to slow down and remember me.  

I am worth remembering.