Are Women Drivers Terrible?

Score one point for women drivers!

Over the years we have all heard it – “Terrible Women Drivers”

So, the other day I was thrilled when I was a better driver than the man coming the other direction on Hwy J in Golden, Missouri.

For almost six years, we have driven two vehicles and towed two trailers around the country on a grand full time travel adventure. I drive the 15 passenger van with a flat bed trailer behind that has four ATVs, four kayaks, one UTV, and eight bikes.  My husband drives a Dodge Dually with a 42’ fifth wheel behind.

Over the years I have become more confident pulling my flatbed. Most bridges don’t scare me anymore and there are times when I have to remind myself that I am not towing because I am so used to driving with that trailer.

Now, I won’t tell the story of almost overheating in the Big Horn Mountains or my level of proficiency in backing up this flatbed, but instead I will tell you of my recent success!
I had to bring our flat bed trailer to my mother’s house where my son, Cody, was to meet me to pick it up. My husband showed me how to hook it up and unhook, since I haven’t had to do that much, he or my son always take care of that part for me. But, I want to learn and be more capable.

I left the cabin we rented for the winter and set out down the curvy and no-shoulder Ozark Mountain roads.  It used to scare me when I had to maneuver down the windy and steep roads, but I have gotten used to them.

Apparently the man coming the other direction was not used to these roads, or he didn’t care, or he wasn’t paying attention.

My van was in tow haul mode and had the trailer behind me and in my lane. It sounds like that would be something special but I thought having your vehicle in your lane was the norm! (note sarcasm)

Mr. Bad Driver was coming the other direction at a pretty good pace and not even close to being in his lane with his truck and flat bed trailer.

Woman Driver + 15 Passenger Van + Flat Bed Trailer  VS  Man Driver + Big Truck + Flat Bed Trailer

Winner – Woman Driver!

He kept his flat bed partly in my lane with nowhere for me to go. No shoulders and ditches on my right, I had to maneuver my vehicle and trailer to the very edge without going off the road while he leisurely drove his vehicle and flat bed in both of our lanes!

I wasn’t too upset because I was so thrilled that I was a better driver with a trailer than this man…

Interestingly enough, according to numerous insurance studies, men are more likely to break driving laws and cause accidents than women. Just do a search on the internet and read the studies yourself.  Sorry guys, you can’t gripe about women drives anymore. Maybe you just need to keep your eyes on the road and stay in your own lane!  And us women drivers better not get prideful or we will never hear the end of any and every mistake we make on the road…..