Pushing Past Our Limits

Hiking the Watchman Tower Trail in Zion National Park
was extremely challenging with six kids and my husband not with us.
As a woman and mother I have my 
and lines 
that should not be crossed.  

I am patient but there is a point at which 
I lose it, 
blow my top, 
and want to scream.

Most days I keep it under control 
while others I barely make it until 10 am.

Some people admire me
while others think I am nuts.

I think I fall in the middle.

I fail.
I flounder.
I lose it.

Deep breathing doesn't always work.
Prayer always does.
Thankfulness helps me over come.

I take a moment alone and pray.

It was a lot of fun hiking the Watchman Tower Trail at
Zion National Park with 6 kids.
They did great.
The sooner I take that moment the better -
for every one.

Every woman fails.
Every mother fails.
Every wife fails.

The point is to try to not fail where it matters most.

Let's keep our failures away from our loved ones
and keep them private.

Sometimes I feel like my sin is like puking all over the ones I love.

Bad attitude.
No patience.

I have to push past.  Pray, rest my mind.
Push past my limitations and rely on God's abilities.
Taking one of our many breaks while hiking!
Watchman Trail in Zion National Park, Utah

He can help me through every problem and every situation.