Love Story - time together

We enjoyed our walk along the Virgin River in southern Utah
I love our daily hikes together.  So many people wonder how we can find time alone with six kids in our camper.  It is not always easy and we don't always get to hike for an hour, but we find those moments that can mean something.

Today we hiked to the river. We had never been down these particular roads and we enjoyed the new sights and sounds.  The Virgin River is gorgeous here in southern Utah.  The high bluff surrounding us is quite a difference from the mountain views we just had in Marysvale, Utah.

There were huge dogs barking at us from numerous homes along the back roads.  I was quite nervous and put my husband between me and them.  I know that he would keep me safe - no matter what.

I find that is one of my hearts desires is to feel safe.  
I need my husband to make me feel that way-  

with his words
with his eyes
with his hands
with his heart
with his mind
with his prayers
with the Word of God

(picture taken in Zion National Park, where we love to go. I saw this heart in the tree while
driving through the canyon.)