How to Incorporate Exercise into my Day

Taking the kids for a hike to see Pando in the Fish Lake National Forest
in central Utah
Having lost 60 lbs - and then gaining 5 lbs back at my husband's request - I have lost about 55 lbs.  Finding time in my day to exercise seems almost impossible.  So, I have found ways to incorporate it into my current activities.

This morning, while teaching Math, I had my exercise bands and did all of my arm weight lifting.  Of course, Gabriel had to wait for a skip counting answer while I finished counting my reps but otherwise it went great.

I did my calf raises while helping Naomi with multiplying fractions.

Squats were done while the kids played at the playground.

Jumping Jacks and more squats at the basketball court.

Keigles in bed at night.

Deep breathing all day.

Buttocks squeezes while washing dishes.

Family 3 mile hike on the Pa rus trail in Zion National Park, Utah

And, for my special time with hubby every day - we do an hour walk together.  We hike fast and sometimes I bring my hand weights.  We sprint off and on while walking and try to do hills as much as possible.

We try to bring our kids on some hikes.
Gabriel enjoyed our walk up to the mountains in Marysvale, Utah.
With six kids, home school, writing, and travel - finding time to stay in shape and healthy is extremely difficult.

But, it is so important to make the effort. 

 It truly is a priority.

Spending time with my hubby makes exercising even better.
Miner's Park, Marysvale, Utah.