Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Too Much Stuff - Not Enough Time

Stressed out.

Wore out.

Too much stuff.

That is me today.  We are getting ready to go to the next campground.  It is so exciting to move on to a new place, new adventures, and Cable TV!

But, we are sorting our belongings before we head out.  Yikes!  Sometimes I wish we had a huge pole building to just put our stuff in until the day comes that I want to sort it and have the time to sort it.

I remember when my grandma told me, 

"Honey, I am 78 and I am still sorting!  You will never get done, so enjoy your life!"

That is one of the reasons we sold our home and most of our belongings.  We don't want things to rule us - control us - dictate our lives.

Instead we want belongings to bless us, help us, and supplement our lives.

Sheri dreaming of burning all of the stuff she has to sort
Possessions should be a positive in our life not a ball and chain that weigh us down and destroy us.  Possessions can keep us from what we should be doing.

When things and schedules make us too busy for people then we have to question our life.

People are what is important, not things.  Places are not what's important - people are.

What ever happened to visiting and enjoying each other.  Everyone is so busy now a days.  If we don't have time to call grandma or visit with a neighbor once a month something is wrong.

I can only hope that I have time for you.  I write to you almost everyday in the hopes I might be a blessing.

Can you do the same for others?  Your spouse?  Your children?  Then others.

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