Thursday, January 10, 2013

Presidential Inspiration


That is what I sought this morning while deciding what to write for this post. 

What inspires me?

God, my husband and children, the mountains, nature, people.

My mind began to think of politics and how inspiring George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and other leaders of the past have been.  While studying them they have inspired my children and I to do better and be better people.  They inspire us to make a difference in our neighborhood, community, state, country, and world.

Inspiration    -and inspiring or animating action or influence.
                        -something inspired, as an idea
                        -a thing or person that inspires

Synonyms – affect, animate, arouse, be responsible for, carry, cause, elate, embolden, enkindle, enliven, exalt, excite, exhilarate, fireup, give rise to, hearten, impress, infect, inflame, influence, inform, infuse, inspirit, instill, invigorate, motivate, provoke, reassure, spark, spur, trigger, urge

President Barack Obama had a vision, hope and dream.  He inspired millions of people in this country and across the world in 2008.  I remember seeing and hearing the enormous amount of excitement and support across the nation as the first black man would become president.  Yet, it was not just the color of his skin that brought those emotions.  His vision and speeches helped people to have hope for a better tomorrow and future.

Saying all of this I better admit that I did not vote for him.  I saw his zeal and charisma but I still had too many views that did not line up with his plan for this country.  (I hope you don't click off because of my vote. I wouldn't if it were you:) Yet, even though I didn’t vote for him I appreciated his optimism and desire to make a change.  I believe God puts who He chooses into office.  Sometimes He gives people the desires of their heart, whether good or bad, and sometimes He has a plan for the future that needs to be fulfilled.

It is always easy to go back and criticize what our predecessors have done.  Tearing apart President George W. Bush and his policies and decisions were an easy target.
How quickly we forget that this country and much of the world was screaming for justice after 9-11.  Vengeance was the order of the day and much deserved.  Our leaders pressed forward to find the people who killed our innocent civilians.  Decisions were made and wars began.  When I was in the Navy I worked in Intelligence.  I can tell you that there is so much information that America never knows and the government could not reveal.  If they shared the information they had on Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries, it would put thousands of lives at risk and future operations could be compromised.  

Were there weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?  Likely.  I heard General Georges Sada, from Iraq, speak and he said there absolutely were.  They moved them into Syria before the war.  Read his interesting book on it. 

Saddam's Secrets

Now, I am not naive and I know that:

Just because the media reports there were none doesn’t mean there weren’t 


Just because the government says there were and then there weren't doesn’t mean there were or weren’t


Just because this book says there were some doesn’t mean there were

George Bush not only faced wars on many fronts but also a devastating hurricane – Katrina.  Besides some of the huge economical mistakes made by prior administrations that produced their poisoness fruit during Bush’s and Obama’s rein, there were many problems that I’m sure were never reported. 

How many terrorists attacks have we avoided because of our amazing soldiers and intelligence community?

The troops have kept the bad guys busy in their own neighborhoods instead of making it easy for them to come to ours.

President Obama did inherit a tough job, as did every president before him.  Was it all Clinton and Bush’s fault?  Definitely not.

Were the problems facing our country in 2008 something President Obama or any other administration able to fix in six months or even four years – not likely – obviously.

President Obama inspired a huge portion of this country that he could do better and make things better.

Was it his fault that didn’t happen?  Is he to blame?  I’m sure he does shoulder some of it but there is plenty of blame to go around.

What about you and I?  This nation was inspired to vote for President Obama twice but have we been inspired to make a difference in our own personal life, choices, and finances?

Were the people who voted for President Obama the first time naïve and believed that things would change quickly?

What about those who screamed for vengeance after 9-11 to only complain and gripe later that it was taking too long to fight the war, that the cost was too high financially and with lives?

Just because there are reports that put a negative light on the different war fronts doesn’t mean that those same fronts aren’t necessary for our way of life to continue.  Soldiers join the military with the expectation to die for this country.  I know, I was one.  When I signed up in 1991 I was willing to follow my Commander and Chief anywhere he sent me and I knew that I would not have all the information – because of national security most of us cannot know most of the information.

We must trust.  We must give our leaders a chance to do what they have set out to do. 

Will they accomplish all of their promises made on the election trail?  No.

Will they turn an economy that is in the toilet into a gourmet feast in a year, two years, or even eight years? Not likely.

Let’s be inspired not by leaders, governments, or wars.  Let’s be inspired not by money, economies, or great speeches.

Instead let’s inspire ourselves to make a difference.  We all have a place in our home, community, city, state, country, and world.  We all can make a difference whether it be in our own finances, with helping those in need, or praying for our leaders. Instead of griping about policies made in Washington - make a phone call to our elected officials and let them know how we feel about certain laws.  What about making a difference in your child’s life?  What about reaching out to a neighbor in need?  What about sending a thank you card to someone who serves this country in any capacity?

Some say President Obama is the anti-christ while others say President George W. Bush was a loser and destroyed this country.

I say they are our presidents and are worthy of respect.  They did not destroy this country.  In fact, they both have done their best to make it safer and better.
Wars, terrorists, bombs, lies, selfishness, greed, laziness, hate, and weather have brought this country to its knees but we can rebuild and be even better – you know why?

Because we are Americans.  We must do our individual part to turn this country around.  We cannot be impatient and want things changed right this minute.  With faster internet and technology comes a lifestyle of “I want it right now”  Faster is not always better and  some things cannot be transmitted at speeds of light.  Some things take time and fortitude.

Buck up and hang on.  We are in for a long ride.  It will go past President Obama.  Whoever is his predecessor, me for instance (just kidding), will continue his dream for a better economy and safer America and they will have their own battles to face and overcome – with everyone’s help.

I hope I have inspired you!

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