Love Story - Keeping the Romance

How do we possibly have any time together?  

With six kids, full time travel, home school, and a really small camper with minimal privacy - some people wonder how on earth we can be 
more in love every day or how there can be any romance?

I remember reading in a Gary Smalley book that we should kiss at least five times a day.  Now, that doesn't mean a peck on the cheek.  I mean wet and mushy.  

I told my husband, "Don't kiss me like I'm your sister, I want a real one!"

Meaningful touches, brushes, and squeezes randomly when we are together.

Trying to find something nice to do for each other every day.  

We also try to notice the little things we do to bless each other and say thank you.

Forgive even when they don't know they need it.

We try to exercise together everyday.  Whether it be a video or preferably a walk through the woods, desert, or mountain - we spend an hour together
discussing different important subjects
or just sharing about random things from our day

Now, not everyone can take off for an hour everyday, and neither can we.  So, on the days we cannot, we spend time at night together.  Even if it is just in front of the TV, we snuggle, hug, and enjoy each other's presence.

When I lay in his arms I purpose to feel every bit of him.  I take the time to notice every part of me that is touching him.  I listen to his breath. I feel the warmth of his arm.
It doesn't have to be a big date night once a week.  I need my husband every day in some way.  Even if it is just for those few special moments - I don't lose them.

I seek them.

(photo taken in Key Largo, Florida where we were camping in early 2009)