Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Leaving our Fingerprint

I recently bought a new camera.  I picked it up at the store and went directly to Zion National Park.  The views are incredible and inspiring.  Pictures of any scenery there are stunning.  Later, when we got back to the cabin we are renting, we gathered around my computer to see how the pictures would turn out.  Any picture of Zion would be great and my new camera couldn't even touch the gorgeous national park.  But, I was extremely happy with the photos and excited to try out all the features.

Our next adventure took us to Fish Lake National Forest, Pando, and Capitol Reef National Park.  We had already visited each of these places numerous times but even if we went there twenty more times we would not be disappointed or bored.

Once again, I took a ton of photos and put them in the computer when we got home.  

Right away I noticed lines on the top of any picture that was taken while the sun was shining.  Anytime the sun was behind a cloud we could not see them.

Pando, Fish Lake National Forest, Utah

Come to find out I had put a fingerprint on the camera lense.  Any picture that the sun was shining there was my print.

When the image was darker or in the shadows, there was no print visible, although it was still there.  

Fish Lake in Fish Lake National Forest, Utah
Notice the print on the top of the photo
We all leave our fingerprint - our mark.  Whether it be on a person or nature.  

When we have contact with a person do we leave them with an imprint of love, peace, and joy?  Or, do we leave them scarred and wounded?

Nature - do we leave garbage, destruction, and ruin?  Or, do we leave it the way God intended - clean, natural, and there for us to enjoy?

I find I leave my print on each of my children.

My print is left on each of my children
Tusher Mts. Utah

Being a mother can be extremely humbling.  Daily, we influence and mold our children.  We must consider what we are guiding them into - whether it be positive or negative.

Our print is left in our marriage.  When our spouse thinks of us does it bring warmth thoughts of love or anger, bitterness, and rejection?

Often times we can do everything right in our relationships and still there are problems.  We leave our print but it is not received or completely rejected.  I know.  It hurts.

Other times we leave our print and no one sees.  It is not visible but still there.

My fingerprint only showed in the photos when the sun was shining, even though it was still there -

I like to think my print only appears brightly when the Son is shining on it.

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