Hey Ma! I fit size 8 jeans!

I sent this picture to my mom to show her the jeans I fit in!
Hey ma!  I'm size 8!
After having six children my body looked like a stretched out piece of taffy. Not only did I have extra weight from each of the last children, but I also had to deal with the effects of weight gain from the steroids I had to go on because of Pregnancy Induced Asthma.

It has taken me a year and a half to get all the weight off.  I am finally at my third and final goal weight.

I worked out hard, ate right, and did a lot of research.

The exercise programs I did are the following:

Slim in Six
and the bands program from Six Week Body Makeover

Another program I recommend is Faithful Workout.  It is a great workout for the entire family and has age appropriate DVDs for the entire family and fitness level.

I used the Six Week Body Makeover eating plan which I know made all the difference.

Losing weight was hard work but well worth it.  Now that the weight is off I have to keep it off.  I put five pounds on over the holidays and my hubby told me to leave the weight on.  He said he likes me to have a few more curves!  So, 150 lbs is my final weight.  

I have some curves without all the fat.