Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Going Loopy! Domestic Terrorism

Do you ever feel like they are out to get you?  

As if their main goal in life is to drive you nuts?

The face of Domestic Terrorism - my son
Where are the kid's scissors?  How can they all go missing?

Where is my big cooking pot?  Who didn't put it away in the right spot?

Why are there wet clothes on my bed?

If you plug the toilet let someone know so they can plunge it!

Do not run with scissors!  Or a pencil!

Why are you poking your forehead with a lead pencil?

I can barely see that cut, it can't hurt that bad!

Sometimes I feel like there is mutiny in my home.

Is it domestic terrorism?

Domestic something produced or manufactured in one's own country.

Terrorisma terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

My husband jokes that he is a dictatorship - could the children be taking that literally?

I joke about this and I am not actually comparing my children to violent terrorists, but if you have children I know you understand.

My dad used to say that there was a monster that lived in the back of the dryer that would always steal one of his socks.

Such is life, it seems that some days my wonderful children do way too many things that make my life much harder. Yet, I would never change my life.  At moments like these I have to remind myself just how blessed I am.  I love my husband and kids and no matter what they do to make my life harder I am thankful for them.

So, I teach, train, and take deep breaths as they learn how to walk without sharp objects, flush the toilet, put things away, and try to be a blessing to those around them.  Then, I teach them about grace by the way I respond 

  • either by my responding harshly so they learn what grace isn't
  • or by my responding with patience and firmness and they learn what grace is
Now, back to the salt mine or nut house what ever you call it


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