Get Wild and Crazy

Our family standing on Fish Lake in the high mountains of Utah.

Do you ever feel like you need to get wild and crazy? 

Have the worries and cares of the world got you in a strangle hold? 

Are the stresses of life bogging you down?

Get feisty.
Get wild.

Since I have become a Christian I have had the most fun in my life.  I learned I don’t have to get drunk and party to have a great time.  Breaking the law just for the heck of it doesn't bring a smile anymore.

I have real fun – a kind of good time that doesn't make me puke or wonder who is next to me in the morning.

We took a drive this weekend around central Utah.  Fish Lake in the mountains west of Capitol Reef National Park is one of my favorite places.  The snow covered mountains in every direction are beyond breathtaking.  Walking onto the high mountain lake and seeing the bottom, under the ice, brings a feeling of excitement as well as a little nervousness. 

We only did a small portion of Old Wagon Loop Trail 
We continued on to Capitol Reef National Park and enjoyed hiking on the Old Wagon Loop Trail with the kids while my oldest son took on the Cohab Canyon trail and some of its slot canyons hike, alone.  At 20 yrs old he likes adventure and doesn’t mind going it alone.  Of course, we are safe and know what trails we are going on and have a plan to meet at a certain time.

Wild and Crazy doesn’t mean lawlessness, selfishness, and irresponsibility – 
it means have a great time within limits that do not hurt you or others.  

There is such freedom in a lifestyle of unbelievable experiences that all can enjoy and we do not have to hide our actions from anyone or anything.

True fun
True freedom

I have the most fun with my God, my husband, and my children.  
I am blessed.

(We decided to skip the hike to the Pioneer Register and The Tanks after
coming to this ice covered hill leading to it.  The 15P -15 passenger van - doesn't like even the smallest hills with ice on them!)