The Sock Fiscal Cliff

With the economy in the pot as well as a fiscal cliff larger than the one my children peered down at Angel's Landing in Zion National Park, we are trying to be debt free and teach our children to be even more fiscally responsible.

I get up early to write before everyone wakes up.  I had the news on, Ch 4 ABC out of Salt lake City, Utah.  The anchorman on that news show is a riot.  He tore apart our elected leaders and gave his very pointed opinion.  He stated that if we didn't have a budget for four years and we didn't pay our bills then we would be in jail!  Yet, our law makers can do just that.

It is sad we cannot use our government as an example to teach our children financial responsibility.  But, we can start in our own homes.  

Hence, the next year.

We are cutting back and forward and sideways - everything we feel we can do without.

My children have always been taught the value of the dollar and being caretakers of what they own.  When my oldest two turned 15 yrs old they had to save their money to buy clothes and the items they needed that were beyond what mom and dad would provide.  

So - when my son walked out of the bedroom yesterday I almost cried laughing when he told me his great idea.

He walked out and said, "Mom, I got a great idea.  My socks are wearing out on the bottom so I turned them around so the heel is on the top.  Now I can wear them longer!"

My husband replied while I doubled over in laughter, "I guess you will get blisters on the top now!"

I laughed all day about it.  He is such a nut - but frugal!