Tempers Can Flare

Being a parent is far from easy.  Not only do I have young ones to teach, train, clean, and feed, I have a tween that loves my attention and two teens that require my constant resources and approval.  

It is days like today that can go from absolutely wonderful to stressful and exhausting.  

Tempers flare.  

Attitudes show their ugly faces.  

Offensive, defensive, and every other time of fensive join the party and we are all…now…officially…not having a good time.

Yet, as a diligent parent I have to work through these moments, hours, and days and never give up and never give in.

What would I be giving up?  Peace, joy, good memories

What would I be giving into?  Anger, strife, offensive, anxiety, stress, frustration

So, here I sit with my laptop.  Some of my children are playing in the campsite.  Some of them are getting dinner ready.  One is unpacking his four-wheeler after a day of volunteer work for the Forestry Service.  My dear husband is making a fire for us to enjoy.  This is my choice, I can either be grumpy and short tempered or I can walk in forgiveness, love, and mercy.

Shake it off. I will win.  I will not give up.  I will not give in. 

The kids loved playing around the campground in the Mark Twain National Forest Missouri