Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breast Feeding Gold Medal

I have been nursing 172 months.  That is almost 15 years and that figure will keep going up as I continue to nurse my little guy, Tytus.



I have been married 254 months.  That means I have NOT been nursing only about 7 years of my 21 year marriage.

What does that mean? 

A few things:
1. I am an expert nursing mom.
2. My breasts are not mine.
3. My breasts have been big for most my marriage and I will have to buy all new bras when I stop nursing.
4. I have to do a lot of chest exercises to lift my chest.
5. I have had the privilege of feeding six wonderful children the best food available to them.
6. I have a much less chance of getting breast cancer.

What about nursing in public?  Do you eat in public?  I am not embarrassed to nurse anywhere at anytime.  My shyness, timidity, and desire to please others will not come before my child's health.  I eat in public, so will my children.  I do try to be discrete and sensitive to certain people who might be unsure or embarrassed about my nursing, but I will not stop because of their issues.  Sometimes I might leave the room and other times I can't so they will have to make adjustments if they don't like seeing me nurse.

I believe we can be a beacon of light to the people who are against nursing.  To do that, we should continue to feed our children where ever we need to but with thoughtfulness to those around us.

The benefit of nursing is so great for mom and child that I can't imagine why not to nurse.  Other than medical conditions, I see no reason for a mother to not nurse her child.  It is time consuming, it isn't always convenient, and it is humbling at times - yet - the health benefits for our child must come before our own comfort, convenience, embarrassment  or any other reason a person might not nurse. 

Sacrifice for our children is one of the most heroic actions a woman can take.  I was in the military during the first Gulf War.  I was willing to die for my country.  Yet, I am even more willing to die for my family.  This is not a physical death but a death to my selfishness - a death to society's crazy thought patterns.

I am more alive today than ever.  I find more fulfillment in my days as a mother and wife than I ever did single or working outside the home.

I am woman - hear me roar....no not roar....purr.

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