Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Those Brown Dress Shoes

The lines on my feet can't be seen well in this photo but I sure could feel them!
Those shoes were cute but hurt!

I winced in pain as I put my feet on the floor early this morning.  What was I thinking wearing those new high heels for 9 hours of standing at the Home Education Convention this weekend.  When I saw the shoes at the store I glanced at them and walked right past.  I loved the look of them but felt they were too stylish for me.  In the end, though, I decided to be daring and bought the brown dress shoes.

They felt good on my feet Saturday morning as I put them on, but they sure didn't feel so good by the end of the day!  My feet have never hurt so bad.  I cringed as I climbed into our truck in the parking lot next to the expo center and pulled off the torturous contraptions.  There were deep indentations criss-crossing my feet and parts of the bottom seemed to be numb.

As today progressed, the numbness disappeared and the blisters no longer burned.  I spent most the morning catching up on a chores and feeding the family.  After a short church service, we all piled in our off-road vehicle, the Kawasaki Mule, and drove to the river near the campground. 

The water was low, seeing we haven’t had a lot of rain.  I shook out the rubber boots to make sure there were no spiders hiding inside and we got in the water.  These boots felt much better than those dress shoes!


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