Thursday, July 28, 2011

Choice to Lay Down Our Lives

Sheri and kids climb a sand dune to video her husband and son riding ATVs
It is a moment by moment choice to lay down my life for my family.

I am called by God to be a wife and mother and so I take that calling seriously.  The love that I have inside for my children is such a deep love, one that can only come from the heart of God. 

            I knew it was real love when I even loved their cry,
            I even loved their poopy diapers.

In our travels I miss out on a lot of activities that once I would have enjoyed.  I don't always get to kayak across the lake or down the river.  I don't always get to four wheel for hours to a hidden meadow and spend time alone with my dear husband.

But, instead I get to climb the smaller boulders with my wee ones.  I get the privilege to watch them when they splash in the water or hike down the shorter trail.
Pregnant Sheri plays on the beach with her kids while others kayak the big ocean waves
Reality is that I don't miss out on a thing, in fact, I have such a wonderful time when all my children and husband can do activities together. 

We don't miss out on anything.

I still get to spend wonderful time with my hubby, maybe not on a weekend getaway, but in the morning when we sit outside the camper, reading our bibles together, sipping coffee as we sit at the base of a mountain or by a glimmering lake.
Sheri and Shae enjoy the views in Ridgway Colorado

Put the kids to bed on time and dear Shae and I get to snuggle in bed, too exhausted to go anywhere, and watch a movie or read a book together. 

No, I don't miss out on anything by giving up my rights or my "old" desires....I have gained a much better life, just like Jesus promised I would.
The whole family have a great time at Black Canyon of the Gunnison Colorado

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