I Am Running For President!

My kids think I am hilarious. 

Mom as President!?

You should have seen their faces when I made the announcement. I had to repeat myself a few times. Then, after all of the shock and awe, my husband just shook his head and smiled.

As much as we giggle when we talk about my latest escapade...I do have a sense of seriousness. I feel our country is lacking in a basic knowledge of our government, judicial practices, world politics, and the political process of our country.

It starts with my admission of ignorance. I am 37 years old and do not know enough about our government and nation. Yet, I feel it is my duty to get educated.

So, I say let's join together on this mission of wisdom. We can join hands as a nation, not under a political party, but as citizens of the United States of America, and learn as much as we can about our government.