I Am A Woman -poem by Sheri

I am a woman and proud of it! 
I have always felt that people try to make our boys into girls. I think we should let our boys be boys. Let them run and be wild. Let them conquer the tree in the back yard. Let them make gross jokes, at appropriate times, and be strange.

What about our men? Are we trying to make them into women? Women want them to act like us, talk like us, be like us. Let our men be men!

But now, I think us women need to take womanhood back. I think society in general has tried for years to take away the most basics of a woman's character and identity. We have enough to deal with, much less trying to be something we are not. Let me tell you what women are....

We are strong
We are weak
We are right
-and we are wrong
We can do it
We need help
We see things that others don't
We feel things that others can't
We need
We provide
We love
We hate
We cry, weep, and mourn
We rejoice, leap for joy, and smile till our face hurts
We desire
We let go of the things we want
We put others first
We give and help and sacrifice
-until we can't anymore
We work hard at everything we do
We know how to enjoy our work
We get tired
We don't stop
We learn to rest
We learn to slow down
We can do it
We can't
We are women
We are special
We are amazing
We are life givers
We are created
-and We create
We are here and not leaving anytime soon....

Written by a Woman named Sheri