Menopause and Suicide

I get quite a few emails from women having such a difficult time with menopause. Sadly, suicide is often brought up to me. Oh, how it saddens my heart to hear a woman going through such a horrible experience in their life that they would consider ending their life. If this woman is you, please read on...

Don't. Don't do it. You are special. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are wonderful. You are made for a purpose. You are not crazy and this suffering will end, but not at your hands. Today is not your day to die. God, the maker of heaven and earth has a day for each of us, but it is not for us to decide when that is. I know things are can be terrible. I have had such terrible times in my life, also. I wasn't sure how I would make it through the day. But I did. I did make it through the day. And another day. And another day. Until, finally, the days got better. There was more joy than sadness. There were more smiles than frowns.

Some people may abandon you during this time. It is their loss. You remember that. You are wonderful. You are a woman and we are made of tuff stuff. We endure and overcome. We give all and take little. We meet hard times with determination and steadfastness. We are made with a purpose in mind, a destiny. You must go on. Fulfill this destiny.
There are many who love you, even though it might not feel like it at times. They do love you they just do not understand.

A great way to overcome sorrow is it to do one loving thing for another. When you feel your lowest and loneliest, reach out to someone else. There are so many women that need help. Go, volunteer at a homeless shelter, a women's home, a nursing home. Find a way to be a blessing, right now, during the hard times. Don't wait until you feel better or have the energy or time. Do it now. People need you.

Please email me.

Tell me how you are. You will make it, I promise. We can do this together. You are not alone.