We Are A Great Creation

Women are one of two of God's greatest creations. The bible says we are created in His image! Imagine that! God didn't make a mistake when he made you. He made you just the way He wanted to; your hair color, eye color, height, laugh, even the way you walk. He made it all. He also made our bodies to go through certain cycles. We are born and have to learn to speak, crawl, and walk. Then on to learning how to play, share, run, jump, and skip. On to the next step of becoming a young lady, getting our periods, noticing curves we didn't have before. Finding who we are alone, and then with our spouse. Some women have children, others not. We grow, learn, mature. Life gets busy until we realize just how short life is. We notice changes again. Maybe some that are not quite so comfortable. Menopause starts with a vengeance or maybe just a soft whisper. Was it a flaw in God's design? Has He gone awry? No, beautiful woman. God made no mistake in menopause. It is His natural process of a woman's life. Sometimes it is harder than what we would like. I hope that you can find ways to make it easier. God has wonderful herbs to ease some of the symptoms. 

Praying and asking for His help is a wonderful way to cope. Just remember, it only lasts for a time, then onto the next amazing time of your life. Hang in there. You are like a caterpillar in a cocoon. Next you will become the beautiful butterfly that you are destined to be.