Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Do you ever feel like life is one big challenge?

I don't think we ever "arrive". I believe it is how we engage in the journey that truly matters. 

There are different challenges at each stage of our lives. Puberty, womanhood, marriage, work, family, and menopause are some of those challenges. 

Menopause is not necessarily something that must be conquered, but a season in our lives that must be endured, knowing that if we have any negative effects from it, they too will end. 

Even when menopause symptoms are gone, then women enter into another phase of their lives, with more challenges and obstacles to overcome, enjoy, and endure. 

It is who we are as a person through all experiences in our lives that truly matters. 

Can we look back and say we led our life with dignity, knowing that we did not handle every situation perfectly but with an attempt to not give into the lowest levels of emotions and character? 

I hope that as we all go through the numerous changes in our lives, that we can be proud of being a woman, a beautiful creation by God. 

We are not ashamed or embarrassed by our lives, but thankful to have lived.

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