Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Do We Act Like a Grizzly?

PMS. Emotions. Feelings. 

It seems like this time in a woman's life can be up and down emotionally. 

What bothers me is when I hear a man say, "Well, she is just emotional." 

Even if I responded to a situation maybe a little more intensely than usual, I don't like the problem to be blamed on my hormones. It is so important to remember that no matter what the cause of my emotions, they are real. It is easy for people to blame the negative situation on PMS instead of taking responsibility for their own actions and what may have caused the upset in the first place.

Do we bring smiles to people we are around like a sweet sleeping baby does?
Of course, we need to make sure we don't use our hormones as an excuse to act nasty. Menopause or our monthly cycle in not a time that we can just act however we please and blame it on our hormones. I usually go to bed a little earlier. My patience tends to wear thin and I may need a little more "down time". Do what works for you so that you can remain pleasant to those around you.  

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