Friday, December 19, 2014

The Gift of Womanhood

A woman in a man's world.  

The story of my life.

Hunting with dad and the men.

Skinning beaver.

Fishing eight hours a day.

Living at our bar.

Drinking more then most men.

Joined the military to go to war.

Hung out with the Navy Seals.

Now, years later, I am a sports agent in a world of men.

Bull Riders, Surfers, Bands, and Talk Shows.

I'm so thankful for my mother and father who took the time
to teach me to be tough. 

I always say, "God didn't make me for an easy life. He made me for hard things"

I'm so thankful for my mother and father who took the time 
to teach me to be a lady.

While life can be hard and times tough, I can still act and respond with
a heart of love and a smile.

Skinning a beaver in the morning and holding a child that night.
Selling a bull in the evening and teaching ballet to my daughter in the day.

While some times we have to be so strong and tough, we do not need to lose our core being - a woman.

Womanhood is a gift. 

We must keep it and not give it to the world.
We must keep it to share it with the world.

Sheri Smith in Hawaii filming Surfer Cowboy Documentary
Photo by Faith Fay

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Boldness with Age - right or wrong

Sometimes my young children say what ever comes to their mind. They don't think first, they just blurt it out with no thought to the consequence of their words.

We hope that over time we learn to control those words and even change our hearts so those thoughts aren't even in our mind.  

But, it seems that sometimes as people get older, they revert back to what my Irish family calls the "No Filter" stage.  We just start blurting things out because we:
  • are tired
  • are angry
  • feel we can speak our mind because they should respect us 
  • think that we are so much wiser because of the life we have lived
  • and more reasons
I'm 41 yrs old now and I feel a boldness and confidence that was much harder to come by at a younger age.  There is a sense of experience and wisdom that controls my actions and thoughts instead of unknowing or insecurity.  

But, my confidence can be misunderstood as pride, arrogance, "no filter".  

So with age comes:
  • More love
  • More compassion
  • More patience
  • More humbleness
  • More mercy
  • More grace
  • More kindness
  • More goodness
  • More faithfulness
  • More self control
We cannot use our age, whether young or old, to be an excuse for bad behavior. Although I understand that the young have a lot to learn and we should be understanding to their growing and maturing, we still cannot excuse sin.   We just change how it is dealt with.  

As we get older our character should be even more exemplary.  Our light should shine brighter, not dimmer.  We should not use our life experiences to make others feel dumb or immature.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength.  

1 Corinthians 13 is an amazing chapter in the bible. It says we do so many great and sacrificial things but without love it means nothing.  Try reading it everyday for a month and do that one month a year.  It will transform your life and those around you.

No greater love has man than this - to lay down his life for his brother.
Can we even lay down our mouth, attitude, and our right to be upset for others?

PBR Springfield MO National Anthem

Monday, November 3, 2014

Reaping What We Have Sown Can Be Very Hard

My good seeds I have sown have not fallen on shallow ground, but will produce a harvest.

I know there are some people saying bad things about me.  I haven't heard it out loud, but I can tell.

Why am I surprised?  I knew it would happen.

My work is in the world - so of course they are going to talk bad about me and spread lies and judgement.

I sought God on it and he showed me that sometimes we reap what we sow.  

So where did I sow this?  

Did I tell things I shouldn't have?

Did I betray someone's trust?

Did I gossip?

Sadly, I am guilty.

So now, I am reaping what I have sown.  How it saddens my heart that I did those sins.

I'm truly having a hard time getting past it.  
I asked the person to forgive me. 
I asked God to forgive me.

A relationship with a person should be based on trust, but what do we do when one betrays the other? Now that I have betrayed this person's trust, that person is speaking ill of me.  
I deserve it, yet I hope our friendship would be better than that.

I know the devil wants to divide God's children and I have decided to fight for this friendship.

I know I will have to deal with people speaking poorly of me - I sowed it.

But, I have also sowed love, sacrifice, obedience, and good will.  
Thankfully I have sown good more than evil.

I will pull up the weeds and throw them in the fire.  I am a warrior on earth and heaven so I will not let the devil win in this battle.

I could lay down and dwell in my guilt and the sadness of people speaking ill of me, or I can put on my armor of God and fight for the call of God on my life.

My flesh wants to cry.  My flesh wants to dwell on it.  

There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.

If you confess your sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

I will forgive those who speak ill of me.  I can only hope my seeds of forgiveness will produce a huge crop that others will reap, and I will too.

As I prayed about this, I realized I couldn't apply the scriptures where Jesus was persecuted by those closest to him because he was persecuted without sin.

I am persecuted because of my sin.

So, I look to Paul, who persecuted christians and did he suffer for it.

But, I am a believer, Paul was not when he persecuted Christians.

David was a believer and he persecuted other believers who trusted him.

He had to deal with the consequences - as will I.

So, how do I deal with it?

With sackcloth and ashes. 
With a repentant heart.
With sadness and remorse.

But, then I have to move forward and pray for restored relationship and that the other person will forgive me.

I have to move forward and know that this will not be the last time I will sin.

I have to move forward and know that I will fail those who trust me and love me.

I have to move forward and hope that those I care for and love will return that care and love even when I am not perfect.

I have to move forward and know that those who I do wrong will have a choice to make -
to forgive me
or not to forgive
to trust me again
or not to trust me again
to know that I almost never gossip and it was a one time mistake
or hold it against me and bring my reputation to ruin.

I am not a gossip.
I am not a liar.
I can be trusted.
I tell the truth.

So, let my normal character be remembered and not my transgressions.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I've Earned It

I turned 41 this year and I feel like I have earned every day of it!  

I don't want to be 18.
I don't want to be 30.

I like my age.

I've earned it!

Someone told me that days fly by.

Not for me.  

I look back and I lived every day.
My days, weeks, months, and years have been so full that I feel I've lived three life times.

I like the confidence I have in who God has made me and what I can do through Him

And what He can do through me.

God sends me people daily who encourage me and lift me up
to propel me forward to my daily destiny.

I don't know what today will bring
but I am ready for it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Overwhelmed by Others Love

My last post talked about me forgetting about me.  It's not that others have forgotten about me.  In fact, I have more people that care about me in my life right now that I don't know how to take it all in.

Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with the care and concern people have for me that it brings me to tears.  For years I helped my husband through sickness.  For years I have lived my life for my husband and children. 

  How can I be so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life?

Can my heart take more?  With it already so full how can I handle more?  

So now, my heart is overflowing and pouring out even more to those around me.

That is kind of how the Lord works.

He fills us with so much love that - 

We can't but help others.
We can't help but serve others.
We can't help but pray for others.

Friday, October 10, 2014

What About Me?

I've been so busy lately. Between my travel, writing, kids, being a wife, and sports agent -
 I seem to have forgotten about me!

It is easy to do. 

I forget me all the time.  

Sometimes that can be good - 

Focus on others
Bless others
Serve others

All really great things.

But What About Me?

Lately I forget -

To eat
To exercise
To take my vitamins
To get enough sleep
To read my bible
To pray more

While focusing on others is important we cannot forget about ourselves.  There is a balance in serving others.  People can demand our attention and time and other times we put expectations on ourselves that aren't realistic.  Right now I am afraid of letting my clients down, so I get up at 4 or 5 AM and start work and forget myself throughout the day.  It is time for me to slow down and remember me.  

I am worth remembering.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Joy in the World

Can there be true joy in this world?  Should it just be "Joy to the world" like the song says?  

It is my opinion that God has joy in this world.  He created it to praise Him and glorify Him.  While there will be pain, suffering, and sadness - the joy of the Lord is our strength to get us through it.

Joy in the world?
Joy to the world?
Joy of the Lord.

The source is the Lord and it will be found where ever we are.  Joy comes from deep within, knowing that we have a loving, forgiving God on our side.

While joy isn't always around us on the outside, it can always be found on the inside - where the Lord resides.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hard Times are Stepping Stones That Bring Us Up or Down

"God didn't make me for an easy life."  

I have said that many times. My life, as well as many others, has not been an easy one.  From an infant, I endured hard times. 

My mother was always a light and a strength and my father, too. They balanced eachother so well even though they were so different.

My childhood was one of constant wood cutting and stacking, gardening, and work.  Whether I was trapping beaver and skinning them with my dad or canning and cooking with mom, we worked.


That was how my mom and dad grew up also. Brick laying and a grocery store kept them busy on their free time.  

In our family, free time was spent working to make money or put food on the table.

God knew what He was doing. He knew that I was going to need to be strong to handle the life that was going to be in my future.

Can we see that? 

Can we recognize the hard times in the present may be just a preparation for the future?

I'm thankful for my childhood.  God knew what was coming.  He knew I had to be prepared.

When I was young, and raped by that awful man, the strength I had got me through it.
While my husband was so ill all those years, a weaker woman would have left him.
While my husband was out to sea on the Navy ship and cute, kind men stopped by to help me, a weaker woman would have had an affair.
When my husband was laying in bed, overdosed on his meds, and I was 1 week overdue with our 4th child, my father had just died and I needed my husband to be strong for me, a weaker woman would have loved him less.
While we sorted and packed and sold our home to move into a 42' camper, a weaker woman would have said, "forget it".
Having six children is by no means easy, but I am thankful I can handle it because I can't imagine life without every single one of them.

God knew the life that was ahead of me.  I've had a hard life, but an amazing one.  Instead of focusing on the hard things - I take them and make them into stepping stones that will bring me to the next level and the next blessing.  God has blessed me so much that I cannot contain my joy. Yes, life is hard sometimes, but God has always helped me through it and with Him - I am an overcomer.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I Sure am a Screw Up Sometimes!

It seems there are areas of my life I just can't overcome!  I wake up in the morning just shaking my own finger in my face.  

I have a very sensitive heart.  When a person has been forgiven of much we tend to be more sensitive to sin.  

I screw up all the time - daily!  Then, it is even worse when it effects other people!  

Overcomer of sin - with God's help I can overcome and do better.  I have been fasting for three days to pray about a situation.

Now I think I need to fast my mouth and texts for three days!  

And I will.

Only say and text what I need to.
Only say and text encouragement.
Only say and text what I run by the Lord first.
Sometimes I should go be alone on a mountain so no one will hear my big mouth!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Choosing to be Me

Sometimes things in life take away bits and pieces of who we are. The years go by and  we begin to lose our core being. 

As a Christian I want to surrender my life to the will of God but does that also include my personality? How much of me stays as I live for Him? 

And do I give up who I am for my husband? Is that God's will?

We ask the hard questions sometimes, and we get the hard answers sometimes.  I don't have the answer to this except this:

God made me in His image and as long as I love Him with all my heart soul mind and strength -
and love my neighbor as myself - I am pleasing and perfect in His eyes.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Are Women Drivers Terrible?

Score one point for women drivers!

Over the years we have all heard it – “Terrible Women Drivers”

So, the other day I was thrilled when I was a better driver than the man coming the other direction on Hwy J in Golden, Missouri.

For almost six years, we have driven two vehicles and towed two trailers around the country on a grand full time travel adventure. I drive the 15 passenger van with a flat bed trailer behind that has four ATVs, four kayaks, one UTV, and eight bikes.  My husband drives a Dodge Dually with a 42’ fifth wheel behind.

Over the years I have become more confident pulling my flatbed. Most bridges don’t scare me anymore and there are times when I have to remind myself that I am not towing because I am so used to driving with that trailer.

Now, I won’t tell the story of almost overheating in the Big Horn Mountains or my level of proficiency in backing up this flatbed, but instead I will tell you of my recent success!
I had to bring our flat bed trailer to my mother’s house where my son, Cody, was to meet me to pick it up. My husband showed me how to hook it up and unhook, since I haven’t had to do that much, he or my son always take care of that part for me. But, I want to learn and be more capable.

I left the cabin we rented for the winter and set out down the curvy and no-shoulder Ozark Mountain roads.  It used to scare me when I had to maneuver down the windy and steep roads, but I have gotten used to them.

Apparently the man coming the other direction was not used to these roads, or he didn’t care, or he wasn’t paying attention.

My van was in tow haul mode and had the trailer behind me and in my lane. It sounds like that would be something special but I thought having your vehicle in your lane was the norm! (note sarcasm)

Mr. Bad Driver was coming the other direction at a pretty good pace and not even close to being in his lane with his truck and flat bed trailer.

Woman Driver + 15 Passenger Van + Flat Bed Trailer  VS  Man Driver + Big Truck + Flat Bed Trailer

Winner – Woman Driver!

He kept his flat bed partly in my lane with nowhere for me to go. No shoulders and ditches on my right, I had to maneuver my vehicle and trailer to the very edge without going off the road while he leisurely drove his vehicle and flat bed in both of our lanes!

I wasn’t too upset because I was so thrilled that I was a better driver with a trailer than this man…

Interestingly enough, according to numerous insurance studies, men are more likely to break driving laws and cause accidents than women. Just do a search on the internet and read the studies yourself.  Sorry guys, you can’t gripe about women drives anymore. Maybe you just need to keep your eyes on the road and stay in your own lane!  And us women drivers better not get prideful or we will never hear the end of any and every mistake we make on the road…..

Monday, March 31, 2014

Am I My Own Pharisee?

What rules and laws do I have in my life?

Did I put them there for a good reason or are they there and instead make life unnecessarily harder?

Is a certain goal worth pursuing or is it one I might consider changing or giving up?

So often I make plans or set deadlines that aren’t necessary and put extra stress on my life.  There are things that need to get done and there are deadlines to be met, but how many of them are truly required and how many do I set for myself that cause more stress and anxiety?

I purpose to evaluate my plans. 



We only have today once, what shall I do with it?

What does God want me to do with it?

What are His priorities?

So often we become caged and angry when we could just make different choices that can set us
free and live our life in peace and inner joy.  Some circumstances can't change, but we can change some.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Strength to Endure and Help my Husband Through Severe Pain

Winds Whipping blow Snow High into the Sky - Yet the Sun Shines on the Mountain

I gotta be strong.
Stuff the emotion down.
Deal with it later.
He can't handle more problems.
I can deal with it.
Suck it up.

I can hear the counselor say, "You have to deal with it.  You must handle your emotions, not stuff them down."  Yet, I don't think they know what it is like.

I remember days where Shae, my husband, had enough of the pain and he couldn't do anything else, talk at all, and had no joy to put a smile on his face.  He came home from work completely exhausted with nothing left to give me or the kids.

I don't blame him.  He didn't ask for the pain and I never was mad at him for it.  Just during those times I had to be strong to help him be strong.

You see, the disorder he had is considered the worst pain known to man.  The suicide rate is extremely high.  I knew that for him to make it through he would need to count on me. 

I turned to God and He helped me through.  He became my best friend and comforter.  He listened when I talked, held me when I cried, and carried me when I fell.

Then, when I got in front of Shae, I wasn't relying on my own strength, I was being carried in the Arms of the Almighty and He was helping me be strong.

I didn't stuff my emotions for long, I just held them until He could help me through.

There is no right or wrong way to handle severe illnesses.  Different things for different families.  This is what I felt I had to do and I don't regret it at all.

But, God is always right.  He is always the answer.  He is always the way.  He is always the deliverer.  He is always our source of strength.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Postcards from Chicks without Bricks

There are many adventurous women out there. Surprisingly there are many of us who decided to give up the sticks and bricks and travel full time.

While traveling across the country since 2008, I had the pleasure of getting to know some of these ladies through the internet. The author of the book, How to Hit the Road, began the grueling process of compiling a book of stories written by fellow full time traveling women.

This e-book is entertaining and will take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

The first five to respond to this post will receive a free copy of this e-book and emails when the next one comes out. Send an email to and you may win the e-book.

Click on the photo above to purchase the e-bookl I know you will enjoy it.

(I am an affiliate of FTF and I will make a percentage of all books bought through these links)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Sin Forgiveness and Change

Honea Path, South Carolina
Reflecting on what is in our heart is essential to a good marriage.

I am about to start on business work. It is 5:48 am and everything is out and ready to go, but I know that there are things I need to bring to God first. Issues in my heart and mind cloud my thinking. The importance of righteousness cannot be understated.
  • I need to go before my God and repent of my sin and through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection three day later,
  • I can come before God and ask for forgiveness
  • ask Him to help me see what I did wrong
  • really on His strength and mercy – grace – to not do it again
  • seek Him for ways to change and how do I need to do it differently

As I seek Him this morning, I am not just going to repent and then move on. I believe true repentance is
  • ·       sincerely feeling sorry for what I have done
  • ·         recognizing the depth of my sin and offense
  • ·         loving God and coming before Him with true sorrow for doing it wrong, whether it be a thought or action
  • ·         receiving God’s forgiveness and letting His light, life, and love fill that hole in my heart that I caused
  • ·         standing in His presence knowing that He does not condone my sin but that He loves me dearly and cherishes me
  • ·         then I move forward and with His help and strength I do not sin again
  • ·         If I need to ask someone for forgiveness, then I need to do it swiftly and sincerely.

My sin this morning is a personality flaw. I’m not sure exactly how to change. I know I need to word things differently when I talk to my husband about something I disagree with. How can I still show respect and disagree? Am I being rude or is he? Does he not like it when I disagree or am I being rude?

Because I love him and truly am a peacemaker, I will seek God before I speak and I will try to change.

True love is willing to give up and to change. True love isn’t a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers.
 I don’t need those things or even want them. All I want is a good relationship with my husband. I will give up anything to have that as long as it does not cause me to sin. As I do this I must not get a victim mentality. It is easy to feel wounded and hurt and react to it and then feel like I am a victim.

So for each change he feels I need to make, I take it before God and ask God how to handle it.
Sometimes we think we are right and that our spouse is wrong, but what if that is not the case? What if I am actually doing exactly what I am being accused of?

It is a hard pill to swallow, but I have to do it. So, I get a big glass of water and gulp it down and hope that it does its work in my body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Inspiration in the Ordinary

Some days I'm not sure what to write. I sit here with my laptop on my lap and I don't feel inspired.

Just a normal sunset, nothing spectacular.
An average day, an average life.

That is what makes it so extraordinary.

With so much sickness, poverty, loss, and destruction, how can I not be thankful for an ordinary day.

A day with such little inspiration that I should be thankful for the lack of excitement and drama.

Today was full of love, hard work, new opportunities, and bad weather.  

Life may seem boring after hiking mountains, kayaking rivers, off-roading in gorgeous forests and deserts.  I have lived a life that many dream of.  Yet, there is something to be said about an average day - a day of hanging out at home or just running to town.  

Thankfulness for the average moment, average day, average life.

Friday, January 3, 2014

My Husband Put on 12 Pounds Over the Holidays and I still Love Him

I didn't gain any weight over the holidays! Even with all the cooking, cookies, desserts, and ham - I kept my weight and actually lost a few!
My husband wasn't the only one to enjoy the holiday desserts!

Last year at this time I was about 10 lbs lighter so my New Year is starting with a commitment to lose that 10 lbs and maybe even more.

Health is the main reason I want to lose the weight.  After having six kids I'm just not sure how flat my belly can get and after hiking in the mountain sun all last winter I am not sure how many wrinkles will go away.

So, I lose weight for my health because I have learned that no matter how much weigh I still won't look like I did at 18 years old.  And no matter how in shape I get, I will continue to have more and more wrinkles on my face and loose skin on my worn out belly.

Even if I lose weight or gain it, wrinkles or no wrinkles, lung damage or clear breathing -

My Husband Will Love Me

He does want me to live a long time so he exercises with me and encourages me to eat right.  But, it is not mainly because he wants me thin, it is mostly because he wants me around.

He never made me feel fat when I had my pregnancy weight on.  Shae's love shone through and still does as he helps me live healthy.